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What does your silverware drawer say?   49 comments

Does you silverware drawer look like this?

One glimpse at our silverware drawer and you can see… we have a toddler in our house! It got me to thinking….

how much could a person tell about you simply by looking at your silverware drawer?

Lets play a game! Say something descriptive about each picture as you look at the following

silverware trays and see if it matches my assessment!

Could be fun to see if a total stranger might have the same quick interpretation as you….

I am imagining conversations going on in these kitchens….


1. “I like order but with these deep dividers even the

guys in the house could hit the right slot!”

Photo credit:

2. “Organization? Whose got time for that? By the way has

anybody seen my Grandma’s priceless butter knife?”

3. “Happiness is every type of gadget all nicely placed in

one drawer…and who cares if you really don’t know what they are for!”

4. “Okay, who asked Harold to put away the silverware

last night? It’s NOT even April Fools Day yet!”

Photo credit:

5. “Wow, I’ve got the neatest stack of forks and spoons…oh crap

one slipped off and now I have to start over. Well look quickly!”

Photo credit:

6. “Now I’ve just got the cutest darn silverware anyone could

ever want! Yeah it’s red… I like red!”

Photo credit:

7. “Honey, since we moved to this house I haven’t been able

to find the tool I use to strain the oil in the car…

could it be in this kitchen drawer? If not can I use this yellow thingy?

Photo credit:

8. “Ahhh Okay there are my Ginsu knives that I got with my paid order

of those matching set of 24 mini salt and pepper shakers. Gotta love late night TV!”

Photo credit:

9. “Mom, who cares if they are not in the right place,

at least I hit the drawer!”

Photo credit:

10. “What is this Knife Heaven?”

11. This one speaks for itself….and it’s profane! 🙂

Photo credit:


If you have a picky eater you might like these:

I simply could not write a post about silverware and not somehow include these adorable little things. I think the road equipment is hilarious. Backhoe and food…hummmm not sure about that. The “Air Fork One” is just too cute not to show! Little “wanna be pilots” all over the world will be happy at dinner time! I say whatever it takes. We have a picky eater and I’m always looking for clever ideas. That’s why we have some many toddler utensils!