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What are we teaching our kids…. Graciousness or Entitlement?   1 comment

Now that Christmas is over and a New Year has begun… I think it is a good time to ask “What are we teaching our kids about giving and receiving?”

When it came to your kids  requests this year, was it: Thoughtful Requests or Wretched Excess?

Are we teaching them to be gracious in both the giving and receiving of gifts or is there a sense of entitlement? Graciousness is an often overlooked value in this day and time. With the economy such that it is one would think that a paring down of excessive gift-giving would have occurred. But did it? Did you honor your kids request for an elaborate gift on their list and prehaps cut corners somewhere else? I realize that the sad shape of the economy cannot be fully understood by the youngest members of the household but let’s face it, it does affect everyone. The realities of less money, job loss, inflation and rising costs weighs heavily on each of us… especially at Christmas time! If the effects of the economy crunch put a kibosh on many of our “would-be” purchases… maybe that is a good thing.

So my solution, in simplified terms is to teach our children, at any age, to think carefully and thoughtfully about their requested list next year and in years to follow. And after they receive a gift, teach them to be gracious and write a thank you note or letter for the gift. This can be something as simple as an email but a handwritten note is nice as the note itself becomes a “gift” to the giver.

In years past, I have seen lists are scattered with items ranging from expensive “smart phones”, iPods, iPads, designer bags, and expensive gaming systems to outrageous requests for cars for which even a college graduate cannot qualify. Ask yourself…..What are we teaching our kids when we provide for them these luxury items at such a young age?

In future posts I will offer suggestions of opportunities to give back through volunteerism. Stay tuned!

Food for though! I would love to hear your comments…..



Attitude of Gratitude! Do you have it?   3 comments


Do you have an “Attitude of Gratitude”? I must say I really do try to have it everyday…some days I succeed and some days I fall short. After all, life has a way of beating you down. What I have found is that when you least expect it, you will be reminded that there is so much goodness to be thankful for! For example, I was researching my ideas for this post and I came across a photo that I wanted to use. It reminds me of how thankful I am for God’s gift of the beauty of nature. 

It is a beautiful Fall scene with leaves blazing in color! As I clicked on it I found myself in a blog of poems. Then the music starts… it is a piano rendition of “How Great Thou Art”. Immediately my eyes filled with tears as I sang the words that I had memorized as a little girl as I listened to countless times that my Mother practiced that song. She was a gifted soprano soloist at her many church homes throughout her life. Her voice filled my head with the melody and the precious words to that song. Even though Mother has been gone from this earthly home for more than 25 years, ( my memory helped me fill in the blanks and I found myself deep in the Attitude of Gratitude! Grateful for a Mother’s love. Grateful for the many years of patient child rearing that she devoted to our family. Grateful that she had that amazing voice and was willing to share it with her congregation. This left an emblazoned etch on my mind and my heart. “How Great Thou Art”. Indeed, “How Great Thou Art”.

There has been much written on this subject but most theories closely relate The Attitude of Gratitude to the Law of Attraction. Simply stated “whatever you think about the most, your dominate thoughts, have to manifest themselves into your life… good or bad”. I totally believe in this theory. I watch it happen daily in the lives of those around me as well as my own.

“You are a living magnet, you invariably attract into your life the people, situations and circumstances that are in harmony with your dominant thoughts.”  Brian Tracy

I wanted to share with my readers something I witnessed a few days ago. As I was driving, there was a very young mother (maybe late teens) carrying twin boys across the street in busy traffic…not at the light or cross-walk… thru the traffic. The boys were twins, identical it seemed, and I would guess their age to be about 2 years old. I know full well what it’s like to carry a 2-year-old. My granddaughter is 2 and if you have carried a 2-year-old lately, you might sympathise with the chore that this young mother had at hand! It’s all she could do to keep them both in her arms and make it safely to the other side of the street. As she reached her destination, she had to put the toddlers down in the busy pharmacy parking lot. I really was frightened for her. I then noticed that she had dropped what looked like a lunch bag on the sidewalk…quickly asked myself do I call out to her and tell her? Or would the babies be in danger if I let her know? But what if the “lunch bag ” had all her money in it? My mind raced. I quickly rolled the window down and yelled “Excuse me mam, you dropped something”. There was gratitude in her eyes. Maybe it was the equivalent of her purse. All I know is that she scarcely noticed that it was missing from under her arm. She lipped “Thank you” to me. I smiled and drove away. My mind dove deep into what her situation might be. Was she homeless? Running? Hurting? And twins at a young age! My goodness. My heart melted for her. I feel quite sure that it would have been tough for her to have the “Attitude of Gratitude” right then in that situation, but she seemed to be thankful for my act of kindness and concern. Often it seems that people get wrapped up in what they don’t have or what injustice has been done to them. The next time I want to have a pity party…. I will remember that young mother’s face and the kind words “thank you” on her lips.

Ask yourself the question. “Do I have the Attitude of Gratitude?” What do you want in your life? You are a magnet…

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