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Earth Day…Get the Kids Involved!   2 comments

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(I wrote this a few years ago but it is still as important as it was then! Thank you for reading and for your comments.)

I think it is fair to say that the Earth will be saved or not by the latest generation to hit the planet….our kids! I know we (Gen “X”ers) did not always do the best for the Earth but I love what Maya Angelou said:

“I did then what I knew how to do. Now that I know better, I do better.”
Maya Angelou

I certainly know better now and I try to do better,

about a variety of things…saving out natural resources is just one of them!

I have listed below a few things that we can do on Earth Day and every day to conserve energy. Let’s get our kids involved so that these and many other actions will become second nature to them and their generation!

  1. Turn off the lights when not using or when leaving the room.
  2. Use Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs (CFL) This will also say you $$$ in the long run!
  3. Reduce your Carbon Footprint (ask the kids what they think this means…might be fun to hear the answers!)
  4. Use Reusable bags when shopping
  5. Water…Use it wisely! Take shorter showers…
  6. Turn the water off when you brush your teeth!
  7. Shop local Farmers Markets / Buy Local!
  8. Drive less…walk to work or at least carpool
  9. Use less plastic bottles or pledge to buy no disposable bottles for a month, a year or more!
  10. Plant a tree!
  11. Wash your clothes in cold water
  12. Use low flow shower heads
  13. Make a family decision to Recycle/Reuse/Reduce/Replenish/Restore…

every chance you get!

This says it all!


Good Links for kids!

Free Stuff for Earth Day!


2. Starbucks: FREE coffee or tea with your reusable mug on Friday

in Dining Deals. Compliments of


Starbucks is offering their customers a FREE brewed coffee or tea when you bring in your reusable travel mug on Friday, April 22nd. You can also get a new travel mug for 20% off in the store.

3. Free Kellogg’s Reusable Bags

In celebration of Earth Day receive a FREE reusable bag from Kellogg’s with the proof of purchase from 2 boxes of Kellogg’s cereals , $1.75 S&H and this completed order form.

*Offer ends 9/30/11 or while supplies last.
Compliments of: My Memphis Mommy
Kellogg form:

Companies with “Green” policies: