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12 answers for the question “What can I do for free with my kids this weekend?”   2 comments

What can you do for free with your kids this weekend?


Now that Fall is here you might be looking for a way to spend some quaility time with the kiddos… but since it’s the end of the month (and the month ALWAYS seems to last longer than the money) I thought you might enjoy knowing about some free things to do together! 


1. Build something with your kid!

This Saturday (9/24) take the kids to Lowe’s! No they aren’t paying me to say this…. 😉  They are offering a free “Build and Grow” workshop where your kids can build a firetruck! All supplies are free and kids get an apron, goggles and a completion patch at the end of the workshop… only catch… you have to register! So go HERE and get them on the list for this fabulous free even!

(If you miss this week… check the schedule at your local store! They offer these free events almost every month! Other home centers do as well….) 


2. Take a walk!


A walk is free and priceless at the same time. It is a perfect time to walk and pick up beautiful leaves which could open up all types of topics. You might ask (unless they ask first) “How do the leaves turn all these colors?” or “Can you name the colors you see?” My daughter used to love to collect leaves in the fall and we would press them between wax paper to preserve them. She is 30 now and I swear I believe I STILL have some of those leaves!


3. Teach your kids to use a camera!


 I recently heard of an idea where your child is asked to find something to photograph that begins with the letter A, B … and so on. If this idea initiates a conversation then I say give it a try. Otherwise, with todays digital technology… they might just like to go out and  take pictures of things that they like. Again you might be amazed at what they find interesting and you might just have a budding photographer on your hands!


4. Let’s have a cooking lesson!


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Pick one fall treat that you enjoyed as a kid (mine is homemade popcorn balls….yummy) and teach your kids to make it. Or let them suggest something that they want to learn how to make. You may be surprised at how creative they can be! 


5. Involve them in your football watching!

Whether it be your favorite college team on Saturday or your NFL Fav on Sunday… let the little ones get involved too! This is a great time to answer questions about sportsmanship and how to be a team player.  Please remember to be patient and watch the explatives … they are little carbon copies of you!


6. Teach them one thing that you learned from your Grandparent!

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In my most recent blog post I wrote about my Grandmama Bessie ( She taught me some amazing “lost arts” like sewing and cooking. What type of things did you Grandparents teach you? How to whittle? Make a bird house? Master the yo-yo? 


7. If you blog, ask each of them to write a guest post

 If  they aren’t old enough ask them to draw a picture which you can feature on your “guest blogger’s” day! This will bring them such joy to be “published” and who knows what budding writers we have hidden in our own families!


8. Storytime at your local bookstore!


Check out the scheduled free storytimes at your local bookstore. Doesn’t cost a thing and they may just fall in love with reading!


9. Check your local museums for their “free” day!

We are so fortunate in Memphis to have an array of fabulous Museums available and many of them have free or greatly reduced days for kids! So while you may not have the Cotton Museum (shown above), the Civil Rights Museum or even the home of Elvis in your city… There are wonderful museums everywhere just waiting for you and the kids to explore! *Ask them about a yearly family pass to save money all year long.


10. Google your city then go explore a site that you have not visited yet!


Find out what untapped resources you have in your city. In Memphis we have trolleys to ride and Beale Street to see. Do some digging on the computer and see what your city has that could be fun for a free fall afternoon!


11. Farmer’s Market exploration!

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The Farmer’s Market is a wonderful place to share your knowledge of different types of fruits and veggies. How many vegetables can they find? Make a game of trying to fill in the blank A-Z. Then let them pick one vegetable that looks interesting to them that they have never tried. Who knows, maybe their involvement will make them more interesting in eating it.


12. Check out your local “Kids eat FREE or CHEAP” for Saturday and Sunday

In Memphis the following restaurants offer cool deals for kids and parents on weekends!

Texas Roadhouse, Piccadilly Cafeteria, Firehouse Subs… just to make a few! Check out your local area online to see what you are missing!






Please remember that the meaningful conversations… the ones that lead to stories and lessons of life… often come from the small quiet times that we spend with our kids one-on-one! Doesn’t have to be an elaborate day out or an expensive event… just you and them sharing life and making lasting memories! 


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21 Things to do with the kids this Summer….while keeping your sense and your cents!   1 comment

21 Things to do with the kids this Summer….

 while keeping your sense and your cents!

Kids bored yet? Looking for good ideas to keep your kids happy, healthy and maybe even gain an educational experience at the same time?

Here are some ideas that might be helpful to you when looking for good family friendly activities. Many of these are based on the Memphis area…but you can “google” your city and come back with similar ideas of your own. I will admit that living in Memphis is pretty amazing with the Peabody Ducks, Graceland and attractions too numerous to count! Please check into what your city has to offer…. I bet you will be surprised! Here’s what I came up with….


1. Find restaurants that have a “kids eat free (or cheap)” night!


2. Look into buying a local coupon book like “Entertainment Book”. It will pay for itself OVER and OVER!

There are coupons for all sorts of activities in there like miniature golf, bowling and other family friendly outings!


  3. Your city may have great ideas…. Google it!


4. Check out your city for Museums!

The Children’s Museum of Memphis

C.H. Nash Museum at the Chucalissa Archaeological Site

Memphis Cotton Museum

Graceland – Home of Elvis!


5. Local Attractions – Some are free!

Ducks playing in the fountain at the Peabody H...

Image via Wikipedia


6. Free downloads/ Music to celebrate our Country’s Birthday on July 4th.


 7. Free Coloring Pages for your budding artist!


8. Build Something Together!


9. Subscribe to a Family Friendly Magazine


10. Free Kids Movies through Blockbuster or Red Box


11. Storytime at your local bookstores….encourages reading and it’s FREE!


12. Summer Reading Incentive Programs


13. Summer Movie Programs- How about a movie for 50 cents or even $1!

14. Make colorful popsicles!


15. Make some cupcakes with Ninja Toppers….just for fun!


16. Find a local Water Park… and go get wet!


17. Take time to read to your kids…or check out a free illustrated read!

18. Go to the Zoo!


 19. Research your heritage. Let the kids make their own family tree!


 20. Take the kids and the dogs to a local dog park!


21. In this busy world….take time to talk and be there for each other (free)!