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I have begun “Be My Guest Thursday” as a way to introduce other talented writers. If you would like to be considered as a Guest Blogger here, please contact me. My email address can be found on the “Contact Me” page tab.

Thanks for your interest in my blog.

Contributing writers:

George L. Fisher, Macon GA

His personal Blog: http://www.fisherchronicles.blogspot.com/

Post 3/3/11 “First Born Moving Day” http://wp.me/p1aeRt-f0

Post 3/10/11 “Did your Dad ever make you eat Liver and Onions?” http://wp.me/p1aeRt-fi

Post 3/21/11 “You must be from the North”   http://wp.me/p1aeRt-fr

Post 5/29/11 “Daddy’s Home” http://wp.me/p1aeRt-mt

Post 5/22/14 “Our way of life…compliments of those who didn’t make it back.” http://wp.me/p1aeRt-IB




Shara Danziger, Memphis TN

Her Personal Blog:  www.confectionsbysharaspaperie.com Shara Danziger is my special guest blogger  for “Be My Guest” Thursday (4/14/2011)! Shara is a gifted graphic designer, mom of 3, wife and successful business owner! She shares with us the creative process that takes her from idea through to completion with a glimpse into her world of design! As a designer myself, I found this very interesting and I think you will too! Thanks Shara!!!

Post 4/14/11 “How We Do It…Creating a Personalized Gift Line”






Alissa Gray McQuaig

Alissa is my daughter and the light of my life! She along with my precious (only) granddaughter, Marissa, are the cornerstones of my life. She does not have her own blog but can be a guest blogger here at dsgnmomonline ANYTIME!

Post 5/12/2011 “Life’s Leaves” http://wp.me/p1aeRt-tj

Posted March 10, 2011 by dsgnmom

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  1. Thanks for your comment via Linked In on my blog. I would love to be a guest on a Thursday!

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