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               Ginger & Bailey

♥You know how people talk all the time about the difference between men and women? Well I witnessed this truth with such clarity once that I just HAD to write about it! About twelve years ago our then new Golden Retriever puppies were just learning how to jump in the pool, fetch the floating pool toy and “retrieve” it to the side of the pool where we were eagerly waiting with a treat and a “good boy” or “good girl” congratulatory comment. I should also tell you that these puppies were litter mates… This is what happens when you go puppy shopping too soon after losing a special family pet!

Ginger was very bright and graceful….and a girl.

Bailey was not the sharpest crayon in the box, somewhat of a clod….and a boy.

We loved then both very much of course but they were as different as day and night! One afternoon as we watched them jump in to retrieve the toy in the pool… you could almost see the light bulb come on in Ginger’s head. As her brother jumped (like a little boy would “cannonball”) into the pool from the side, she carefully watched the trajectory of the toy, anticipating the possible final resting place of the object then quickly calculated the quickest most direct place to run around to, jumped in there, grabbed the toy in her mouth and made it half way back to the side before Bailey made it over to her! They would then join up together and share the duty of bring that toy home. Ginger knew all the while that it was her prize but was happy to share the spotlight with her brother. If that doesn’t ring some bells for the girls out there….then I’m not sure will.

Maybe I am over thinking this scenario too much (over thinking by definition I suppose) but it occurred to me that we humans are much like those litter mates. Often the guy will just barrel through life. Jumping in and out of the water (relationships, marriages, friendships, jobs, etc) without thinking about the possible outcome…. all the while flailing around until some female comes to his rescue then lets him take the credit for the work! Women (it would seem to me) are much more thoughtful before they jump…. looking at “where is this going” scenarios and then plotting the best course of action… or deciding not to jump at all. We women are also FAR too quick to give up the credit for success….but that is just how we are made I suppose!

I know that there are exceptions to this “rule” but by-in-large,  in my life, this has been the case. I guess it just took two adorable Golden Retriever puppies to help me see it! Ginger has crossed the Rainbow Bridge and Bailey is in failing health and is not far behind his sweet sister. We love you Ginger and Bailey… thank you for all the years of devotion to our family. You are and will be missed but your memories live on in our hearts….

Deutsch: Golden Retriever Welpe

Deutsch: Golden Retriever Welpe (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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