“Attitude”… No! “At-TWO-tude”   3 comments


“Attitude”… No! “At-TWO-tude”

On living with a two-year-old…. “Gee Gee…. dolly, wankie, piggie!” she said this morning. “Okay Marissa, you carry them downstairs and I will carry you” I replied. “No Gee Gee!” as she layed on the floor in defiance. I stood at the top of the stairs waiting for Marissa to comply with my request. And I waited! And I waited! Then the threats started… “One….Two….Three” (to which she replied “four”. Then I said “Do you want to go to timeout?”…. That was the only thing that seemed to have any influence on her….. At-TWO-tude I tell you!

Funny how time heals the jagged memories of such things. About 29 years ago I had a two-year-old. My now 31 year old daughter has my two and a half year old granddaughter. I will admit that being a grandmother is very different than I thought it would be… in a good way. I have this amazing connection to her and now “get” the whole “GRAND”child thing that all my friends would talk about- make that RAVE about. I suppose the independence that she is showing which creates this whole “at-TWO-tude” should be celebrated. It means that she is thinking for herself and trying to make some of the little life decisions.  I will celebrate that and remind myself that they grow up far too soon and the “at-TWO-tude” that she displays today will quickly get better as she learns to navigate this life… And I will be helping her to pack for college next week, or so it will seem!


3 responses to ““Attitude”… No! “At-TWO-tude”

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  1. Your Grandaughter sounds adorable and much like the girls I have had in my life. You already know that most probably she will grow up to be as wonderful as her mommy. But how much fun you must be having to live the experience again with more wise and patient eyes.
    Good luck!

  2. Thank you Nicki… it’s is a huge joy to live this experience over again…. with 25 more years of life under my belt. I have learned to enjoy the small beautiful monents and let go of many things that are really unimportant in the long run. This perspective is actually what drove me to create this blog and encourage parents to spend valuable time with their little ones while they can! Thanks for your sweet comment!
    All my best to you and yours!

  3. nice

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