“It’ll cost NOTHING to dream…and EVERYTHING not to”!   1 comment

It’ll cost you Nothing to Dream

& Everything


Graphic Art by Rodney White

I am so inspired by this phrase which I found as soon as I was introduced to the work of a young artist named Rodney White who specializes in vintage graphic art. Rodney and I have something in common… we were both raised in Georgia. Upon closer inspection, we have even more in common. We are both artists of sorts… as I am an interior designer. His bio even states that he “loves furniture  and dreams up living spaces”. We both believe that dreaming is fundamental to achieving your life’s purpose. When his art came to my attention… I just knew I wanted to write about him and his wonderful take on optimism! In this world where it seems so many people  have given up on dreaming, his work takes you back to a simpler time… even if you never lived in that time. It is reminiscent of the tattered billboards that I saw when traveling along the highways with my parents in the 50s and 60s. These signs were often painted directly to barns or sides of a wooden building…I can only describe them as “vintage”. When I saw Rodney’s art I made me dream of  a much simpler time before electronic billboards and cell phones in everyone’s possession.

“It’ll cost you nothing to dream & everything not to”. What a simple thought. What a complicated truth! Really when you think about it, dreams are at the beginning of every great invention….printed word, modern medicines, the electric light bulb, personal computers and even the cell phone! Someone HAD to allow themselves to step outside of their own day-to-day reality and DREAM before any of these inventions could have come to fruition.

What are you dreaming about? What have you NOT allowed yourself to dream about yet? When are you going to drop the “I can’t” and “What if’s” and JUST DREAM? What will it “cost” you if you never get around to that dream? I urge you to take Mr. White’s advice and dream. I had a dream. I dreamed I would become a writer. And now I have a blog which I have just celebrate the end of my first year! Yeah ME! I actually did it! Now I’m onto my second year of blogging… and dreaming of meaningful posts that will move my readers to become more everyday. The other half of this dream is to help parents find a way to open up meaningful avenues of conversation with their kids. I am hoping that this and other posts have done just that!

Thank you Rodney White for your inspiration and your gift to the world with the stroke of your brush. You said you like people who “get you”… count me in that group!

Bio: Rodney White

Rodney White is a self-taught artist and a 1999 graduate of Dekalb Technical Institute in Visual Communications. As a graphic designer he has a love for type, vintage design and advertising. Most of his free time is spent either painting or gathering ideas to paint.

“I see things everywhere and every day that gives me some idea for my pieces. I love to visit flea markets and antique markets. I notice the natural aging of the things around us. Billboard signs, buildings, packages, and aging paper catch my attention. I seek to replicate the rusting and decaying look of the things I see.”

Other artists who have influence on White are Sabrina Ward Harrison, Rik Catlow, Anja Kroenke, Tim Marrs, Ashley Wood and various Fine and Folk artists. Poets and poetry, books and magazines are also favorites. A lot of his paintings come from what he writes often in his Journal/Idea books.

White has eclectic interests and hobbies as well. He loves furniture and dreaming up living spaces, movies, and collecting and listening to music. He enjoys learning about people and their stories. He believes everybody has them, but not everybody has someone that wants to listen to them. A dreamer, White is always dreaming.







One response to ““It’ll cost NOTHING to dream…and EVERYTHING not to”!

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  1. Renee Ann Smith posted an image of yours on Facebook — some seashells with the quote about dreaming — and I just love it — is it available as a print, or would you consider allowing me to print it from my computer, just for my own use? I’m picturing it framed, as wall art; it would fit right into my beach cottage decorating scheme ! Thank you —

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