Do you have Rock Star parking?…. I do!   2 comments

Leaving the house, I bet you are not already thinking about the parking spot you will get at the mall. I do sometime. And when I wheel into the mall parking lot (or any busy lot really) I just KNOW that the first parking (non-handicap) spot will be waiting for me to arrive! And usually… it is!

I call it the results of my “Parking Fairy’s” handiwork. Oh I think she is up there directing the person to adjust their makeup 5 more seconds, comb that hair one more time or finish that cell conversation…to allow me to be in place to pull up JUST at the right time to take that prime spot. And sometimes, like yesterday, at Wally World – you know the one – there were a total of 3 spaces for me to choose from. Imagine a BUSY parking lot on a Sunday Back-to-School weekend and the first 3 spots just happen to come available within 10 seconds of one another….all I can say is “Overtime”!

My brother was a non-believer in the “wish and it will be there” (law of intention) parking spot theory… but now after seeing, he too has become a believer. It’s funny because I can hear him say “How DO you do that?”. And I would reply “I will there to be one…and there is!”.

Have you ever been riding with someone in a super busy parking lot and they say something like ” I NEVER get a good parking spot!”. Well there you go….keep your stinkin’ thinkin’ and your Parking Fairy is stay on PERMANENT Vacation! After all even Parking Fairies like to have their props! So here’s to mine! You are the BEST Parking Fairy in the WORLD! I love you and recommend you EVERY chance I get! How’s that for a resounding recommendation!

Does anyone else out there have a Parking Fairy that regularly gives you Rock Star Parking also? I’m just curious! 


Who doesn’t love Kathy Bates in “Fried Green Tomatoes” and that scene where she rams the young woman’s can and says “TOWANDA!” Well with your own parking fairy, you may not ever have to play out that scene in your local Piggy Wiggly (or mall) parking lot!!!


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2 responses to “Do you have Rock Star parking?…. I do!

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  1. LLLOOOLLLL, I was always taught that it had to do with titheing, and that when you tithe, good parking karma follows. I do tithe, and I also have good parking fortune, but when I don’t, I either decide I don’t really want to be there, or a walk will do me good. 🙂

  2. Good point! Thanks for that perspective… I guess my fairy hasn’t been to the gym with me lately or she’d keep pushing my prefered parking further and further from the building! 😉

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