21 Things to do with the kids this Summer….while keeping your sense and your cents!   1 comment

21 Things to do with the kids this Summer….

 while keeping your sense and your cents!

Kids bored yet? Looking for good ideas to keep your kids happy, healthy and maybe even gain an educational experience at the same time?

Here are some ideas that might be helpful to you when looking for good family friendly activities. Many of these are based on the Memphis area…but you can “google” your city and come back with similar ideas of your own. I will admit that living in Memphis is pretty amazing with the Peabody Ducks, Graceland and attractions too numerous to count! Please check into what your city has to offer…. I bet you will be surprised! Here’s what I came up with….


1. Find restaurants that have a “kids eat free (or cheap)” night!




2. Look into buying a local coupon book like “Entertainment Book”. It will pay for itself OVER and OVER!

There are coupons for all sorts of activities in there like miniature golf, bowling and other family friendly outings!


  3. Your city may have great ideas…. Google it!




4. Check out your city for Museums!

The Children’s Museum of Memphis


C.H. Nash Museum at the Chucalissa Archaeological Site


Memphis Cotton Museum


Graceland – Home of Elvis!



5. Local Attractions – Some are free!

Ducks playing in the fountain at the Peabody H...

Image via Wikipedia



6. Free downloads/ Music to celebrate our Country’s Birthday on July 4th.



 7. Free Coloring Pages for your budding artist!



8. Build Something Together!



9. Subscribe to a Family Friendly Magazine 



10. Free Kids Movies through Blockbuster or Red Box



11. Storytime at your local bookstores….encourages reading and it’s FREE!




12. Summer Reading Incentive Programs



13. Summer Movie Programs- How about a movie for 50 cents or even $1!



14. Make colorful popsicles! 



15. Make some cupcakes with Ninja Toppers….just for fun!



16. Find a local Water Park… and go get wet!


17. Take time to read to your kids…or check out a free illustrated read!


18. Go to the Zoo!


 19. Research your heritage. Let the kids make their own family tree!



 20. Take the kids and the dogs to a local dog park!



21. In this busy world….take time to talk and be there for each other (free)!









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  1. I lived in Memphis for about a year back in the early 90’s. It is a very beautiful city! I remember watching fireworks on July 4th, while sitting on the banks of the Mississippi. I was there for that massive ice storm that shut down the city for about 2 weeks! I remember we had to stay with some people up in Bartlett, because we had no heat, or power at our house. I remember driving by Graceland everyday on the way to school. I even remember the Piggly Wiggly on Elvis Presley Blvd. LOL

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