The Royal Wedding and memories of July 29,1981   1 comment


Once….or twice in a lifetime!

I know lots of people are sick of hearing about the Royal Wedding to take place tomorrow… but I am not. I think that the fascination comes from the fact that we in America simply do not have royalty to follow! In July 1981 I was living in Pensacola FL and was as Navy wife, stay-at-home Mom with a 6 month old baby girl. I couldn’t WAIT for the alarm to go off that morning at 5 AM… the morning that Charles wed Diana! It was amazing to watch. She was a beautiful bride…so young and timid. How the world’s focus on her that day must have been exhilarating and excruciating at the same time!

That was then and now my 30-year-old daughter and I look forward to the wedding tomorrow and will be watching it together! How different this bride is…. not that young or timid it would seem. I know she will be a beautiful bride also, all the while wearing the very same ring that Diana was given some 30 years ago! Amazing how something as simple as a piece of jewelry can signify so much! I applaud William for making that choice and including his mother in this very important event of his life. Next to the day he becomes King…this may be the BIGGEST day of his life, and Diana is right there. Having lost my mother at age 30 I can only sympathise with him! Fifteen seems too young to lose one’s mother…especially in such a public way.


I have read several related posts and have found some that I thought were worth sharing. The following link regarding the Royal Wedding Charity Fund is really refreshing…and I think Diana would have been proud to see this act of kindness. It really reflects her in so many ways!

PS. Update! It was all I had hoped it would be…. Kate made a beautifully STUNNING bride and William was a dashingly handsome groom! This is truly the stuff that fairy tales are made of!!! Congrats to them both!

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Interesting article about the 10 ways this wedding is different!,28804,2062700_2062698_2062641,00.html



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