“The Versatile Blogger Award”….My Very First Award!   8 comments


Yeah!!! This is my VERY FIRST blog award!

Thank you Janice of http://thenotsospecialmother.com!

It means so much to me that you like my blog enough to share this honor with me!!!

Janice calls herself the “The (not so) Special Mother” but let me tell you, she’s very special! I highly recommend giving it a read if you are inspired by amazing Moms and what they do to enrich their children’s lives daily….

From Janice’s Bio, she speaks about her second child and the turn her life has taken since she was born: “Now, here we are, ten years later!  Evelyn is ten, my son, Ian, is eleven, and I am….well, ten years older.  Evelyn is, in short, severely delayed. She doesn’t speak, she walks, but she has poor balance and falls easily. She can’t run. She doesn’t read or write, use the toilet, or perform any personal hygiene independently. She can feed herself, gesture towards things she wants, laugh, smile, pout, and basically communicate more effectively with just her eyes than any other human on the planet.  Evelyn has no diagnosis, and certainly not for a lack of trying. She was, is, and will forever remain a medical enigma.  She is, simply, Evelyn.” Ever since I read her bog post http://thenotsospecialmother.com/?p=29#content entitled “A Hair-rowing Experience”, I have been wanting to tell my friends about this great Mom and her fantastically inspiring blog! Please read this post so that you can understand what I mean! Again my thanks Janice…. you inspire me to be a better mom and “Gigi” (Grandmama).

And now for those who I chose to pass this award on to, here are the rules for accepting the award:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     

  • Thank the person who gave you the award and link back to their site in your original post. For me that is Janice….http://thenotsospecialmother.com
  • Tell us seven things about yourself.
  • Pass along the award to fifteen newly discovered bloggers.
  • Contact these bloggers and let them know they got this award.

Seven things about me that you may not (want to) know.

  1. I was a Navy Wife and moved 12 times in the 9 years I was married to the Navy Naval Officer!
  2. My iPod has such a variety of music that, if you found it, you would NEVER think to return it to this 55-year-old Grandmama! I lean toward Rap (clean for the most part) but enjoy me some SnoopDogg, Eminem, T.I., Justin Timberlake and Lil Wayne, to name a few!
  3. I LOVE my sleep and need 8 hours a night! Always have!
  4. As a resident of Hawaii (Oahu to be precise) in the early 80’s, I often dreamed I’d run into Tom Selleck as he was there filming Magnum PI! I had it rehearsed as to what I planned to say….”Can you come for dinner? I’m making spaghetti”….I never got to use that line!
  5. From the time I was 12 years old I made almost all my clothes including my Prom Dresses…. and now I own a sewing machine but it’s in CA in storage and I’m in Memphis! Go figure!
  6. I LOVE Porsche automobiles and have had the pleasure of owning several 911’s in my lifetime! I refuse to admit that I may never have another, so I just say “I’m between Porsches” (which by the way is a 2 syllable word).
  7. Until I became a Grandmother (“Gigi”) in September 2009, I DID NOT get the whole grandmother/ grandfather thing!!! I always said to myself….”WHAT is the freaking big deal????” when on of my friends would go on and on for hours about theirs….. NOW I get it!!!!

And now I will pass along the award to 15 deserving blogs:

  1. The Mom Pledge http://www.efloraross.com/blog.php . Elizabeth is an amazing author of “The Mom Pledge”. In her own words “The Mom Pledge is about bloggers standing up, speaking out, and coming together to eradicate online bullying of moms by other moms. The time has come for us to take the power back and own this issue.”
  2. Nancy Creative  http://nancycreative.wordpress.com/. Nancy is a writer and a designer (two of my favorite things!) and she blogs about all things creative from cooking to decorating to gardening! Check her out and tell her dsgnmom sent ya!
  3. Southern Plate  http://www.southernplate.com/. Christy has “recipes from below the Mason-Dixon Line! A great Southern blog!
  4. Muddled Mother   http://www.muddledmother.com/. Motherhood….with a twist! Logan Beth says if  “Get me otta here!” is your mantra….read on!
  5. Jenni {for the} Blog   http://www.jennifromtheblog.com/. A very cute blog about Motherhood and lots of other cool things (like weight loss)- Go Jenni!
  6. Tossing the Swiss Around   http://tossingtheswissaround.wordpress.com/. Ramblings of a foodie! You’ll love it!
  7. A Grande Life   http://www.agrandelife.com/. Steph has a delightful blog where she “shares the wonders of pregnancy and the joys of motherhood, with a little fun in between.”
  8. Blossom Heart   http://blossom-heart.blogspot.com/. Alyce is an Austrilian Mom…with a little boy and a brand new baby girl and all the fun that brings!
  9. a southerner, a yankee and a mixed breed (or two)   http://www.southernyankeemix.com/. He’s from Dallas, Texas! She’s from Chicago, Ill! Who knows what happens next! Tune in!!!
  10. Showcase Sisters   http://showcasesisters.blogspot.com/. A precious blog… I love it!
  11. Kirsten’s Random Utterances   http://www.random-utterances.com/. Recipes, anecdotes, and SO much more!
  12. Iheart Organizing   http://iheartorganizing.blogspot.com/ . Jen shares fantastic hints on how to get and keep some organization in our lives! Plus wonderful free printable to make our own Household Organization Binder! So well done and such a generous gift Jen! Thank you 😉
  13. Couponing to Disney http://www.couponingtodisney.com/. I really love Kristen’s blog! She thought a trip to Disney for her and her family was out of the question (and her budget!) until 2009 …when her family took went for 8 days…all because of the money-saving tactics she uses (couponing is one of them!). She shares these tactics with all of us and now plans a trip to Disney yearly… you talk about memories! Thank you Kristen for giving of yourself daily to those of us who are neophytes!
  14. Mommying on the Fly http://mommyingonthefly.blogspot.com/.  One Mom, One Sailor and Two Kids (adorable twin girls to be exact!)…. a blog about her journey. Great blog!
  15. A Cake to Remember http://acaketorememberva.blogspot.com/.  Cake thoughts for decorators, brides and businesses. Stop by to see Kara and check out her BEAUTIFUL masterpieces!

I hope each of you will accept this award and pass it on to another deserving blogger!

😉 Janiece


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8 responses to ““The Versatile Blogger Award”….My Very First Award!

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  1. Thank you so much! I am honored you would choose The Mom Pledge. Also? Congrats on your first award! It’s a great feeling, isn’t it? 🙂

    • It feels fantastic! Thank you so much and The Mom Pledge is front and center on my about me page… I want everyone to know what I stand for! Thanks for all your hard work.

  2. Well thankyouverymuch for the award!!! My very first award, ever! ;)) I am about to do dishes, workout, go to work but I will sit down tonight and officially accept it and write up stuff and oh yeah, so exciting!!!! ;))) ttfn…

  3. Thank you so much!! Me & Sis over at Showcase Sisters are honored that you not only love our blog, but you have given us this award!!

  4. Thanks for thinking of me, Janiece! I appreciate your thoughtfulness. 🙂

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