What ‘cha gonna do with all those expired coupons?   6 comments

Helping Military Families Overseas!

If you’re anything like me you have a mountain of expired coupons. Honestly I believe HALF my coupons expired 3/31/2011!!! Did you know that the US Military commissaries allow military families stationed overseas to use coupons for up to 6 months after they expire? I did not know this either until I started couponing with a vengence last summer!

Several bloggers that I follow offer ways to get your expired coupons overseas. Some even mail them for you…you just need to get the coupons to them and they do the rest! Here’s a few that you might like. Please be mindful that they need to have the March coupons ASAP. One deadline I saw was April 14th!

*Below are the requirements if you are interested in with Addicted to Saving’s Couponing for the Troops:

1)  Mail your expired coupons to: Addicted to Saving, PMB 105, 8348 Little Rd, New Port Richey, FL 34654

2)  Send me all coupons that expired ON or AFTER March 1st.  (Commissaries will accept older expireds, but I’m only going to send one month old coupons since I will do this once a month)

3)  Do not send me printable coupons and do not send store coupons (i.e. Target, Publix, Walgreens etc) because commissaries overseas will not accept them.

4)  Please Please Please cut your coupons out and then separate your coupons into two categories Food & Nonfood.   If you mail all of your coupons to me in one envelope, use an elastic or paperclip to keep the two categories separated.  Food is considered anything eaten by humans.. Food is also considered gum.  Nonfood is considered toiletries, dogfood or catfood (since it’s not consumed by humans), vitamins, medicine, etc.

For more info visit: http://www.addictedtosaving.com/2011/04/01/couponing-for-the-troops-march-expired-coupons/

Photo credit: Addicted to Saving’s Couponing

**Here’s another source: http://thekrazycouponlady.com/2011/03/02/send-expired-coupons-to-help-military-overseas/



KCL Overseas Coupon Program
Amanda Brumbaugh
10960 W Bridgetower Dr
Boise, ID 83709

Photo credit: thekrazycouponlady.com

***Here’s yet another site that gives you addresses of military bases if you’d like to mail your expired coupons directly yourself!http://www.grocerysavingtips.com/expiredgrocerycoupons.htm

****I have decided to collect other local (Memphis TN) area couponers expired coupons when we have a coupon exchange (with My Memphis Mommy- Shana Moland, http://www.mymemphismommy.com/) and mail them in for our group. Could you take the lead and do a similar job for your local group?

YES it will cost you some postage to get them to one of the above sources but think of how much you will be helping out a military family! The sacrifice that they make by being overseas is trememdous. I feel that this is the LEAST I can do!  All the hard work that I put into clipping and organizing the coupons is not in vain if this gives my coupons new life while helping out a military family! Won’t you join me??? Please let me know if you do!


6 responses to “What ‘cha gonna do with all those expired coupons?

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  1. Thanks for sharing the information on sending coupons for our military families. http://www.CouponsToTroops.com is another website that has great information.

    One thing that a lot of people don’t realize is that it costs the same exact amount of money to mail the coupons to a collection point in the US as it does to just send the coupons directly overseas to a APO or FPO address (and another added benefit is that the military families get teh coupons much faster if they are being mailed directly to them)

    • Lesley….Thank you so much for that info. I just mailed a ton of coupons yesterday! I hope that our effort will help the families that are overseas. This is the least we can do! 😉 Thanks again and I’d love to hear from you anytime and have you follow!

  2. I had no idea they accepted expired coupons overseas. My kid is in the Army. Good thing to know! 🙂

  3. This is so good to know! I’ll have to do this instead of just tossing those expired coupons!

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