Know about “Absolutely Incredible Kid Day”?   8 comments

 Did you know that March 17 th is “Absolutely Incredible Kids Day®”? Me neither!

In this day of texting and keyboards, who writes letters anymore? The answer is a resounding “almost no one”! I have just found a new reason to dust off my favorite ink pen (yes the kind with an actual well of ink!). This week in addition to St. Patrick’s Day, we will be celebrating Absolutely Incredible Kid Day® (AIKD). This holiday was founded in 1996, and held annually on the third Thursday in March. I absolutely love this concept!

Campfire USA created Absolutely Incredible Kid Day® as a national letter-writing campaign where kids receive letters of support, love and encouragement from parents and adults.  If you don’t have a kid, then write to a niece, nephew, sister, brother, grandchild, neighbor’s child or even a child who might not otherwise recieve a letter! Kids are absolutely incredible! Camp Fire USA wants parents and adults everywhere to let kids know just how amazing and valuable they are.

Please consider taking part in this important movement to recognize our smallest and most valuable asset… OUR CHILDREN! It only takes a few minutes to jot a note that will be remembered and appreciated for a lifetime. The positive impact of these letters on kids is what Absolutely Incredible Kid Day® is all about.

According to the Campfire facebook page (referenced below), the ultimate goal is for every child in America to receive an Absolutely Incredible Kid Day® letter. With your commitment, we’ll be spreading words of encouragement to America’s youth nationwide! At the same time, celebrating the 15th Annual Absolutely Incredible Kid Day® informs America’s youth and families how Camp Fire USA develops today’s kids into tomorrow’s leaders. Their website offers a free pdf of AIKD stationary which you can download at no charge and print on your own printer.

I love writing letters and I plan on writing several to the incrediable kids in my life… Just imagine the smile on their face when they get a special letter from you! Get busy wrting parents!

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8 responses to “Know about “Absolutely Incredible Kid Day”?

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  1. Thanks for this post and sharing IIg link in it!!! is allways great to know about things laike this =)

  2. Good one mom!! Now you have two reasons to write a note today!! Me and your grandbaby love you so much. Thanks for the years of encouragement you have given me. You never needed a special day to write me a “you are wonderful” note. I will always remember all the notes in my lunch bags, and in carry on suitcases that awaited me after we had to be seperated for whatever reason. Hope I can be as good as mom as you have been to me.

    • You have always made it so easy to be a good mom… Thank you for the beautiful words. Each note written barely scratched the surface of my love for you. You are a wonderful mommy to my beautiful grand baby. Thank you for making me “GiGi”. My life has never been the same and I wouldn’t have it any other way!

  3. I never knew about this day but my daughter loves to write and receive letters so we write them to each other frequently. It is also good practice for in learning to read and write.

    • Thanks for the note Jessica. My daughter is now thirty and LOVED the notes I would send with her in lunchboxes or in her backpack (see her note below/ Alissa). As parents we really don’t know the power that we hold as we do these little things…but they mean SO much to our kids, and they carry those in their hearts forever. I’m glad you are going to take part in it. Write me anytime!

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