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Do you kids write thank you notes for the gifts they were given for Christmas? Are you tired of reminding them that a note is the proper thing to do? Is gratitude an old-fashioned idea? Tough questions for the first week of the first month of the New Year!

As a child growing up in the South, it was expected that a thank you note would follow a gift. Shortly follow! As a matter of fact, the note needed to be written before the sun sat on the day that the gift was received. Now that sounds harsh, but believe me when I say, my mother was a BIG believer in this practice. She was an excellent letter and thank you note writer and I do believe if she had lived to see this era, she would have loved email!

I searched kids and thank you notes and several excellent free resources came up. One that I thought was very easy to use was Check this one out if you want to create a free custom card for your child to sign and send as a thank you. This would work well for smaller kids but what about the older ones? Why not try taking a photo of them in the article of clothing or holding the toy and use that as the basis of your note? This would definitely excite the gift giver, especially if they are not near and were unable to visit at Christmas. Whatever method you choose to express your child's gratitude, the message is loud and clear to both the recipient and the giver….the gift is acknowledged, received and most of all appreciated. This habit of note writing (and in this case thank you note writing) could very well stay with them into adulthood. I know for myself those expectations that my Mom put on me has carried with me throughout my adulthood. I am of often refered to as "the one that ALWAYS writes a note". It sets me apart from the rest.

I really do believe that writing a note of gratitude is not optional if you want to teach your children to be appreciative of the gifts they receive and thankful for the sacrifice that it represents. There are many that will disagree with that I'm sure. Maybe gratitude is old-fashioned but there is room for some habits that have gone out of style to circle back around….I believe gratefulness can be taught but it must start by example. Parents, are you thank you notes written?

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