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Have you ever met a dog with nine lives? Let me tell you about Marzi… My daughter’s Cocker Spaniel. She liked to live on the edge. We often referred to her as a cat….partly because she loved to lay on the back to the sofa like a cat, and partly because she had NINE LIVES! Let me tell you…there was nothing that she would not eat…or ATTEMPT to eat! Shortly after Alissa got her (when she was a sophomore in college in San Diego) she discovered that it was not prudent to leave ANYTHING “edible” out and reachable by Marzi. She was named after marzipan because of Alissa’s fondness for her time in German as an exchange student. So when Marzi (pronounced “Martzie”) was just a puppy she began this “what can I eat next?” quest. It started with a pound of tainted meat that my daughter had thrown in the trash… she ate that. After a visit to the emergency vet and a bill for $115 she quickly discovered that 2 TBS of hydrogen peroxide and about 10 minutes of lapse time created the same results as the vet visit! Next there was a dozen Krispy Kreme Doughnuts (minus the 2 that the humans in the house had eaten before Marz got to them)! Enter peroxide trick. Then there was numerous pairs of undies, pajama bottoms, sweat pants, $1,000 worth of MAC makeup….shall I go on? Eat something…..peroxide! Eat something else….peroxide! Like I said this dog had AT LEAST 9 LIVES! You know that show on Animal Planet “My Dog Ate What?”….she could have been the inspiration for it.
My personal favorite story about “Marzi ate what????” was the time that I ask my daughter where her Tiffany earrings were, and she said “they were on my nightstand like 5 minutes ago!” I said “I’ll get the peroxide!” Ten minutes later….Volia… your earrings. Granted they had to be boiled before they could be worn again but even so…they were safe, no vet hospital visit required and the Cocker Spaniel with the cast-iron stomach was none the worse for wear!

One day we noticed that the bag of rubber bands (or what was left of it) was empty…well by now you know what happened next! If she had been allowed to digest that, well let’s just say she used up one of her lives that day!
And what a DRAMA QUEEN! We took her to the vet and had her spade when she was not yet a year old. If I could have made a video of that dog with the collar (upside down cone) howling like she was in some kind of excruciating pain when we just LOOKED at her! YouTube sensation she would have been! She milked that for all it was worth. But that was Marz! She was like no other dog we have ever had.

Then there were the nicknames! We called her “Noodle” because much like a 2 year old that doesn’t want to be picked up by it’s mother, Marzi would noodlize every time we tried to retreive her from something that she was not suppose to be doing….practically a daily event! We also called her “Nu” short for nucience- that one is probably self-explainatory. Some others we “Marz Mane”, “Supermodel” (because she regularly threw up first thing in the morning), “Miss Priss”, “Chapoodle”, “Marzarella”……As you can see she had as many names as she had lives!

I am sad to report that her 9th life has just been used up. We lost her two days ago to Congestive Heart Failure. For those of you who have agonized over the decision of when to put a pet down…as to not have them suffer too long, you know what my daughter went through this week. This dog was afterall her first child by all standards. Constant companion for ten and one half years. She made us laugh. She made us cry. She made us better humans!

Today I dedicate my blog to my sweet Granddog Marzi. Even though we have known 3 months that Marzi was not going to survive this last cheat with death….it was very hard to say goodbye to her Tuesday. She was the subject of so much laughter in our home. I really believe that our pets serve many purposes but that has to be at the top if the list.

She went to sleep and crossed the Rainbow Bridge about… 5:15 pm Tuesday night and there she met her brother Ashley (my beloved Cocker Spaniel who passed away in April 2008). I know that she is pain-free now and running like she could not here. It is the only thing that gets us through the pain of losing what we can only describe as a family member. There by her side as she drew her last breath was those that loved her the most- Alissa, Marcus, myself and the Golden Retriever Romo. Words escape me now as I relive that moment when she was no longer with us. We loved her and she loved us….. She will be GREATLY missed!

Rest In Peace Sweet Marzi, Nu, Noodle…..


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  1. My BEB, I am so sorry to hear about Marzi. Back in the day when I was not a dog person, The reception that I would get from her and before he passed, Ashley…was priceless. She was so loving and willing to accept some light petting from Auntie Carol that she quickly won me over. I now know how dogs can become a family member and my heart is with you and Lissa over your loss of her. I love you!

  2. It is so amazing how dogs become family, after such a short time of having them. I have a 1year old Boxer mix named Ronon, and he is, for all intents and purposes, my son. He even eats better than I do. I hate that dogs have such a short lifespan, and I know that I will miss him dearly when he goes. Hopefully, that’ll be a very long time from now!

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