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Have you ever wished you could have started something 20 years ago based on what you know now? I wish I had a dime for every time I’ve had that thought! But let me tell you about one idea that I had about 29 years ago, for which I am very grateful. I started a “Christmas Memories Book” for my daughter in her first year of life. I was inspired to do so after finding this neat book which really allowed me to keep all the Christmas memories in one place. The book was published by the Mystic Seaport Museum Stores, Mystic, Connecticut. It is called “Christmas Memories Book” by Lynn Anderson Copyright (c) 1978. In the opening words the author says “Christmas is a time to be remembered. The family is together and relatives come to call.” Ms. Anderson goes on to say “The Christmas Memories Book is the perfect place to record the customs and traditions that become your family’s individual celebration of Christmas.” And so it was. I have 20 years of recorded Christmas history to give to my daughter in book form. Had I not had such a convenient place to put these special pictures, Christmas letters and cards, I would be hard-pressed to gather them up for her. They would be in this box and that drawer. Sound familiar?
I have had a wonderful trip down memory lane as I look back on years 1981-2001. Where does time go?
Now that my granddaughter will be celebrating her second Christmas this year, I’d better get busy finding another book and preparing her own Christmas Memories Book. If I’m not careful 2009-2029 will fly by oh so very quickly. Marissa deserves a beautiful book that captures her Christmases like the book that her mommy now owns. I am grateful to the author of this book and hope that many more parents will consider investing the time and energy in preserving the memories for their children…. and grandchildren.


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