Make gift cards with the kids- Your gift to them…Your Time!   Leave a comment

Okay I know what you are thinking! “How am I suppose to get one more thing done when my To-Do list is already ten feet long?” Well let the kids help with the Christmas gift tags! I found a kid friendly and free PDF attachment to this Martha Stewart post which I thought was adorable. Let’s admit that going to Hallmark and paying an over-blown price for gift tags would be easier…. but more expensive than this idea and not nearly as much fun. This allows you to get that priceless time with the kids as well as an opportunity to have a conversation about the value of saving money on such items.
As I cut out a pair of cute gift tags from this exercise, I thought about times in the past when I spent putting together a homemade Christmas project with my daughter (who is now almost 30) or with nieces and nephews (who are now grown but often tell me how much those memories meant to them). Please do not discount the value that this type of small project can mean to the kids. This world is not nearly as craft-friendly as it used to be….teach them that the most valuable thing we have to give to one another is our time. Start by setting the example and watch who they will in-turn share their time with. You never know where one small lesson will lead them. Give it a try!

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