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A good friend recommended a blog to me recently. The author is Tonya Leigh. Her post regarding the need for what she calls “Creative Time Management- The 4-hour Wife” is brilliant and so in tune with what I am trying to accomplish that I just HAD to share it with you. It is my belief that when an idea comes along that is JUST RIGHT and someone else “gets it”…. well, I just had to write to her….. here’s what I said:
“Tonya! You have definitely got your finger on the pulse of reality girl! I LOVED your post and am your newest fan! Thank you so much for your insight!
I started such a business about 6 months ago, providing these services to busy individuals….only difference is I didn’t have the foresight to name it “Four Hour Wife”. I love that name. I really believe that all a person needs is that “paradigm shift” that you mentioned in order to see the beauty of calling on some help. I have created a situation where a busy person can call on me to do the mundane or even elaborate things that they can delegate….and my goal in return is to show them how freeing up their time leaves more time for the REALLY important things in their lives…like their kids, their partners, their friends, their health and sanity! Your post just made me KNOW I am on the right path. Check out my blog if you’d like, it is dedicated to this lofty goal. Thanks again!
Time For Me”

She wrote back with a nice note and a promise to read this blog. I know I have met “a sister from a different mother”!

Thank you, Tonya, for inspiring me to press on with this lofty goal. I really am trying to make a difference… people the paradigm shift that you spoke of….. We are after all responsible for the kind of parents our children will be someday. It is vital that we free up some time for them…otherwise the next generation will be without qualified parents and we will lose out on all those glorious memories that are just waiting to be lived. Paradigm shift… that is what it’s going to take!


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