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Okay…. I admit it! The Kroger Thanksgiving meal-in-a-box is just TOO good to pass up! Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE to cook. But what I love more is quality time with my family when I am not worn out from cooking the turkey meal all day and often all the night before! Let me explain….
A dozen years ago, I was living in Northern California. The husband of one of my dearest friends had a heart attack the day before Thanksgiving that year. In my attempt to salvage Thanksgiving for her, I ran by Raley’s and picked up one of their hot meals to go…you know the turkey already baked, stuffing, green bean casserole, gravy…. all the trimmings- even Pumpkin Pie! It cost under $40. I thought about the fact that this was a wonderful “service” for just such a situation. My friend was overwelmed with thanks that I had been so thoughtful. Fast forward to last year at Thanksgiving time. My daughter had a newborn and I was working out-of-town. Whatever the motivation, we decided to try the “dinner in a box” from Kroger. I called a few days before Thanksgiving and ordered the meal special. It was obvious to me that the gentleman taking the phone order was working with an “English as a second language” handicap. After spelling my name several time, (forget my first name – I had become “Jan” for this exercise) I was sure I had finally spelled “P-A-R-S-O-N-S” enough times that he no doubt was able to get my order placed for me. In due time I showed up on Thanksgiving morning to retrieve my glorious box of fully cooked and ready-to-eat treats. The deli employee asked for my phone number after several anxious minutes of looking for “Parsons” with no avail! (Anxiousness was on my part, not his…. I envisioned Thanksgiving with no turkey due to a phone mishap!) Minutes passed, I was just about to go into hyperventilation, then he emerged from the back with my box. The telephone number was correct but surprisingly somewhere in the process I had become “Mrs. Jan PARFOMPF”. I laughed til I cried…. then when I got home…. my daughter laughed til she cried. I was reminded of the scene from the movie “A Christmas Story” when they are in the Chinese restaurant and the all join in singing the yuletide chorus “Fah-rah-rah-rah-rah”. Well this has become a legendary story in our household. Yesterday when I picked up the box, there was beautiful handwriting on the end of the box which read in cursive “Janiece Parsons”. I mentioned to my daughter that they got it “right”. She surprised me with her reply…. she said “Yes but not nearly as much fun!”
So that is my way of saying have fun with your family today! Laugh! Eat! Enjoy! And don’t slave all day in the kitchen and forget what is really important! Even if that means giving yourself permission to order a pre-cooked meal next Thanksgiving or even a month from today for Christmas. Give YOURSELF the gift of time. Your family deserves some quality time with you today and everyday….
Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours from Mrs. Parfompf!


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