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As a small child I was always fascinated by the colorful leaves that are so brilliant on the trees at Thanksgiving time. They are even a beautiful color after they fall on the ground…. for a while. One they have been “off the tree” for a while, they begin to lose their brilliance. They no longer have that vibrant coloration that they had once while connected to the parent tree. I see a parallel. Do our children shine with brilliance once they fall from the parental tree? I ask this question as a way to get us all as parents to think about the life lessons our children are learning. Holidays present a wonderful time for us to teach life lessons that can be carried into adulthood.

One of the challenges that we have in today’s world as parents is teaching our children to be thankful. Let’s face it, they have too much. It’s tough not to give “too much” when you’re busy with all the daily activities that are required. At Thanksgiving we are presented with many opportunities to teach thankfulness. As a family we can donate our time at a local homeless shelter or soup kitchen. We can plan a visit to a retirement home where the children can read to the elders, many of whom have no relatives that visit them at the holidays or any other time of the year. They can help you pick up coats from neighbors for the local coat drive for needy children. Whatever you decide to do at Thanksgiving, give your kids a chance to see just how very lucky and blessed they really are. Let them get outside themselves and see first handed that not everyone has all that they need much less want. This exercise will go a long way toward helping them learn to be more thankful.

Here are some free printable leaves compliments of Parents.com. I suggest that you let each little one (children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews) fill out and color one or more of theses Leaves of Gratitude. Then place then promonently along the middle of the Thanksgiving table for all to see and enjoy. “I give thanks for_________”. What suprising thing will they fill in the blank? At sometime while the family is gathered, let everyone share their thankfulness. It might even become a tradition.

Thanksgiving Printables
Make your Turkey-day feast festive and give your kids great activities to get them in the giving spirit with free printables from Parents.com


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