Can you smell Fall?….Freshly Baked Breads and Muffins…. Southern Style!   Leave a comment

When I was growing up here in the South… I could always tell when fall was here. Leaves turned a menargerie of colors overnight, there was a Fall Carnival being planned down at the local elementary school and Mama & Grandmama were busy making the most wonderful smelling breads. Some of these were to eat, some were to give away and yes, some were for the elementary school Fall Carnival! I may be dating myself, but I vividly remember cake-walks where people purchased freshly baked goods. My father and I danced in the middle while the music played. Wow – the mind is amazing. I was maybe 8 years old or so then. I wanted to share that memory with all of you and give you this link to some wonderful recipes from Southern Living. Many of these recipes are simple and would be an easy afternoon project for the kids to help with. Please include them as their little memories are forming even as we speak! Who knows, they may write a blog someday… maybe about their memories of wonderful smells coming their mom’s kitchen and how they were included. You never know!

Served straight out of the oven…. or wrapped and given as gifts, these muffins and breads make delicious treats for all.

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