Happy Halloween Superheros   6 comments

Who thinks you are a Superhero? As we trick or treat tonight (or open the doors to little ones who seek candy) we may see some would-be Superheros. Batman, Superman or any number of exotic Superhero that have sprung up lately on TV. But who are our children’s Superheros really?

I remember joking about it when my daughter (now 29) was small. I would say “Help…….I’m tripping on my SuperMom cape!” This was basically at the end of a long day of working full-time outside the home, doing all the Mom stuff like cleaning, shopping, preparing the meals…. as well as bake the three dozen cupcakes for the Halloween party at school because I was “Room Mom”, run her to the Orthodontist for an appointment, and prepare for the next big family get-together. I tried to keep all the “balls in the air” but occasionally I was heard to say “I’m tripping on my SuperMom cape”.

As a grandmother now, I realize that parents are seen as Superhero to our kids. So I would have any that read this to please consider your words to your kids kindly….even in the midst of tripping on your own cape. They are looking to you for all the lessons that they will someday use when they take on the role of Superhero!

Have a safe and fun Halloween!


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6 responses to “Happy Halloween Superheros

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  1. Great post! I agree about being mindful of what we say while in “superhero” mode. It’s hard to remember at times, but it makes such a difference in our little person’s world! Life is so busy that it can run us ragged, but keeping priorities straight helps. Happy halloween!

    • Thank you for your kind words. It is so true that in our hectic paced lifestyles… the little ones with the smallest voice gets “pushed off the edge” What a difference even ten minutes means when your little. Thank you for comments. Happy November!

  2. Lisa, great to see you online. You’re taking great steps in connecting with others. See you at the top.

  3. Janiece, please forgive me for calling your Lisa, I most definitely know better!

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